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Goaty Chevre
Goaty Chevre
Goaty Chevre

Goaty Chevre

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A mind-blowing goaty flavor and texture. This complex and aromatic cheese pairs well with any breads, toasts (avo toast?!), wraps, sandwiches, salads, pasta, meats, wine & crackers, squashes, sweet potatoes, blends into sauces, etc. 

What about the natural flavors? These are vegan, non-gmo, and entirely naturally derived without soy or gluten.

  • HIGHEST protein in a plantbased cheese: 5g PROTEIN
  • Spero's patent-pending cheese is made like dairy cheese, so it tastes like dairy cheese.
  • ~10X more sustainable than dairy cheese. ~5X more SUSTAINABLE than nut cheese.
  • 90X the ANTIOXIDANTS of dairy cheese
  • Bursting with FLAVOR
  • SO MANY NUTRIENTS: like MagnesiumIronZinc, Vitamin EB Vitamins, and Selenium, to name a few!

And they’re made from CLEAN INGREDIENTS: the power of sunflowers and FREE from preservatives, soy, gluten, nuts, and dairy. +They're paleo, vegan, keto.



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*sustainability estimates are based on Green House Gas emissions in CO2 equivalents per weight of food produced.


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