How long do your products last?

Our products are made fresh and without any preservatives.

Our cheeses are shipped fresh with a corresponding expiration date (~4-6 weeks). We advise consuming within 7-10 days of opening. ALL cheeses can be frozen to preserve the shelf life. Freeze within 1 week of receiving and thaw overnight in the fridge when ready to consume. Consume within 7 days of thawing.

The Scramblit [Limited Edition] is currently shipped frozen. Thaw 18-24 hours in the refrigerator when ready to consume. Consume within 5 days of thawing.


When will you be at my store?!

Contact your local grocery store and request the Spero Foods products!


What are your ingredients?

Click on any product in the store. Then, you will see a photo-- in the carousel of photos-- that contains an image of the nutrition facts. In that same image, the ingredients are listed.


Are your products plantbased, paleo, and keto?

Yes, they are! The Whipped Cinnamon Cheesecake, however, is the one product that may not meet keto requirements, though it does not contain as much sugar as standard cheesecakes may.


Are your products certified dairy free?

No, they are not. There may be traces of dairy in your products due to our manufacturing.


Are your products certified nut free?

No, they are not. There may be traces of nuts in your products due to our manufacturing.


Are your products gluten free and soy free?

They are not certified gluten or soy free. There may be traces of gluten or soy in your products due to our manufacturing.


How does shipping work?

1 or 2 Day Cold Shipping with insulated liners (products are perishable; cheeses must be refrigerated or frozen upon arrival; Scramblit ships frozen).

Orders are shipped M-W's. Your order will be shipped in ~1-2 weeks from order date! :)

Shipping prices vary from $9.99 on the west coast to $15.49 on the eastern front. We wish we could lower the price of shipping, but sending perishable goods is quite expensive in shipping cost and in the material used to ensure they arrive cold and/or frozen.

If you order over $99 worth of products, you will get FREE SHIPPING! :) We think it's so so worth it. ;)