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Scramblit (Limited Edition)
Scramblit (Limited Edition)
Scramblit (Limited Edition)
Scramblit (Limited Edition)
Scramblit (Limited Edition)
Scramblit (Limited Edition)
Scramblit (Limited Edition)
Scramblit (Limited Edition)
Scramblit (Limited Edition)
Scramblit (Limited Edition)
Scramblit (Limited Edition)
Scramblit (Limited Edition)

Scramblit (Limited Edition)

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**Note: size is now 16oz, versus the previous 12oz bottle that is depicted here.

This patent-pending product is the first of its kind. You can Scramblit, Omelit, and even Quichit. It is an excellent source of protein and contains 30X the antioxidants, 20X more sustainable*, more, iron, Omega3s, and zinc, per serving, than eggs. Plus, it’s made from one of the most overlooked crops… the pepita (aka squash seeds). This superfood is a game changer. We really couldn’t believe it when we discovered how miraculous and delicious it is and we’re excited for you to experience it, too.


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Cooking Notes

This is not the same as eggs.

We think it's better. 

This means that there are different means of cooking than are used to cook eggs. For example, they take a bit longer and may have different heating requirements. Please follow the instructions and let us know what you think at




1. COAT PAN with oil OR use a good nonstick pan

2. HEAT stove to LOW - med heat

3. SHAKE! & POUR liquid into pan

4. COVER PAN WITH LID. This will steam the top layer while the bottom layer is cooking on pan. (Turn to low heat and wait a bit longer for no browning)

5. WAIT 2-6 min before attempting to lift Omelit, depending on your specific temperature

Optional: add fillings a minute before the Omelit is done cooking e.g. pre-sauteed veggies, cheese (e.g. Parm, Spero sundried tomato), basil, sundried tomatoes, meats.

6. Only when all edges lift easily, gently FLIP OR FOLD

7. SPRINKLE with black salt (kala namak) for an impeccably egg-like flavor.



Optional: first sautee vegetables (e.g. spinach, kale, mushrooms) or caramelize onions and garlic, then pour the liquid into pan with vegetables. Sprinkle Scramblits with cheese (optional) for the last 2 minutes of cooking.

1. COAT PAN with oil OR use a good nonstick pan

2. HEAT stove to med heat

3. SHAKE! & POUR liquid into pan

4. COVER PAN WITH LID. This is required for a more egg-like texture.

5. WAIT 2-3 minutes until the top layer is solidifying. Then flip and gently break into desired sized pieces. COVER with lid again. WAIT another 1-3 minutes.

5. REMOVE LID. Gently push back & forth. Turn to high heat for the last minute for a crispier texture OR, leave on medium heat for a fluffier texture.

6. SPRINKLE with black salt (kala namak) for an impeccably egg-like flavor.



1. HEAT OVEN to 400F

2. USE good NONSTICK OR GREASED small quiche pan or muffin tins

3. POUR liquid into pan/tins

4. MIX IN FILLINGS (e.g. sauteed vegetables, cheese, basil)

5. BAKE for 12-20 minutes, or until top is shiny, goldening and quichits appear firm

7. REMOVE FROM OVEN and let cool for 10-15 minutes.

Optional: sprinkle with cheese last 3-5 minutes



Sprinkle with black salt (kala namak) for an impeccably egg-like taste. We also suggest adding black pepper, herbs, and/or cheese.

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*sustainability estimates are based on Green House Gas emissions in CO2 equivalents per weight of food produced.

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